Passport   is a wellness program that takes advantage of the excitement of international adventure wrapped in a vintage travel theme.

Take Your Team On An Adventure To Better Health.

How It Works

Participants travel in pairs to virtual destinations around the world. As they log challenging yet achievable health habits, they earn points and patches.

Desktop & Mobile

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Passport will put your participants on a round trip to health — transporting them to virtual attractions around the world that you choose from a list of more than 100.


With our desktop site and mobile app, participants can log activity, visit virtual locations, view recipes and health tips, and track progress on the go.

By appealing to the excitement of international travel and exploration, participants are motivated to push themselves each day to make long­-lasting changes.

Wellness Program That Delivers Results.

(2 min)

Travel Companions.

The only way to participate in Passport is with a Travel Companion. Our data shows that when a participant and a close friend or family member are engaged in the same goal, chances of success improve by more than 50%. By buddying up, participants support and encourage each other to reach their health goals.

Organization branding — your unique URL and logo on every screen.

Have a look at some of the excellent features of the Passport wellness campaign.

Online Campaign Features.

MapWalk™ — an easy way to create walking, biking, or jogging routes anywhere.

Customize health areas/activities and country selection, based on your organization’s priorities.

More than 100 countries to choose from with 13 exciting attractions in each.

Daily tips, healthy recipes, and informative articles.

Mary Carver

I felt very energized as a result of the program. I was doing more and stressing less.

This was a wonderful program, and I'm glad our Human Resources Department sponsored it.

Gregg Kvistad



6-week Program - $11.58

Plans & Pricing.

Simple plans to fit your company needs.


All-In-One Group License


Eligible Population – Price

Up to 5,000 – $18,712

10,000 – $36,480

15,000 – $53,305

20,000 – $69,187

25,000 – $84,125

30,000 – $98,119

35,000 – $111,170

40,000 – $123,278

45,000 – $134,442

50,000 – $144,663

55,000 – $153,940

60,000 – $162,274

65,000 – $169,665

70,000 – $176,111

75,000 – $181,615

80,000 – $186,175

85,000 – $189,792

90,000 – $192,465

95,000 – $194,194

100,000 – $194,981

>100,000 – Custom Quote


1. One-time (per campaign) setup fee.

2. One-time per registrant fee.

8-week Program - $13.48

One time fee - $2,000

52-week Program - $17.98

Device Integration (optional) — $799*


Per Registrant License



1. Setup and account management

2. Per registrant fees

12-week Program - $14.97


*Integration is free with the purchase of 250+ Fitbit   devices. 

A group license covers your entire eligible population. It includes setup, coordinator training, account management, real-time participation reports, and end-of-program summary.

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